An eventful past

From farm to B&B in Egg-Großdorf

Between 1678 and 1928, what today is a B&B was a farm. Our great-grandparents (Dorothea and Josef Meusburger) were accommodating holiday guests from 1928. Due to the global economic crisis of 1929, in the thirties holiday guests stayed away.

So up until the end of the 2nd world war, farming was once again the sole source of income. In 1945 our grandparents, Konrad and Emma Meusburger, took over the property, continually modernising it for the purpose of providing accommodation for guests.

In 1946 the building was supplied with electricity. In 1947 we had the first radio set in Egg.

Up until 1950, the fountain in front of the building was the only water supply. The installation of a water supply in the building meant a greater level of comfort could be provided.

The farm began to become more of a guesthouse.

In 1955, 300 overnight stays were booked. With increasing levels of comfort required by guests, in the seventies, the 300-year-old farmhouse was demolished. In its place garages and sports facilities were set up. The farm block was rebuilt some 200 metres above the hotel building.

After the marriage of Kurt to Roshilde Iselor from Hittisau, in 1979 the young couple built the north-west wing, still with the aid of wheelbarrows and no cranes.

After the all too early death of our grandmother in 1993, we purchased the hunting lodge next door, which we then completely rebuilt and presented to our guests in the Christmas of 1993, with 10 new parking spaces.

As a prerequisite for a smooth transition between hunting lodge and the hotel we decided to build a connecting tunnel, which we announced in the winter in our guest newsletter, No. 28.

In 2012 the opportunity came about to purchase the adjoining section of land next to the hunting lodge. In June 2013 we began work on the construction of the Panoramahaus.

In the Christmas of 2013, we were able to open up an underground garage (with space for 25 cars) and a SPA area with new outdoor swimming pool for our guests.

The new rooms in the Panoramahaus were occupied for the first time during the Mardi Gras week of 2014.

In winter 2017 we completely renovated 2 rooms in the hunting lodge.

In spring/summer 2018 we refurbished the rooms in the main building, with south-facing balconies.

In 2021 the hotel is set to become a B&B.

The St. Hubertus in Vorarlberg does indeed have an eventful past.