Regional Delights at the St. Hubertus

Our “Forest” Breakfast and Cake Buffet

Is there anything better than waking up after a good night's sleep in the morning, relaxed and looking forward to a rich, regional breakfast buffet? Every day starts from 07:30am here, with a tasty forest breakfast and several regional and local quality products. You can easily help yourself at our buffets. From 1pm, we will treat you to home-made “Kucho” (cakes) and coffee.

We have a large selection of regional products, however, we do not provide any food substitutes. Should you have an intolerance, for example, a lactose or gluten intolerance, we ask that you bring this food with you. All rooms are equipped with a fridge.

Directly from farmers

Surrounded by impressive mountain peaks, the lush meadows and alpine pasture are located right outside our front door. We obviously do not want to deprive the animals in our farm from this, because only then is it real, animal-friendly livestock farming. This is ensured by our grandpa Kurt. Our four Galloway cattle and four pigs enjoy the spacious area for running about and this is reflected in the quality of the meat. You will taste the difference at breakfast! The cold cuts, ham and bacon come from our own production, just like the old days. All natural.

Our St. Hubertus afternoon buffet

The perfect snack for the afternoon

If you get a little hungry after a sauna session, a morning hike or a bike tour, our afternoon snack from sweet to savoury is just the thing for a little refreshment in between. From 1 p.m. every afternoon, a varied buffet awaits you with soup, salad, sweet pastries and cakes, a cold snack, as well as warm drinks such as coffee, tea and cocoa, and various juices.

Our St. Hubertus Dream Living Spaces

Like being at home - but better

Arrive and relax. That's the motto here.

A soft hint of natural, alpine luxury, the best materials and plenty of room for unwinding. These are our St. Hubertus dream living spaces, which will make your stay the perfect place for relaxation.

Our Wellness Oasis

A place for deep relaxation in the Bregenzerwald

An amazing day of skiing or hiking turns into an extraordinary experience in the Bregenzerwald, when you round off your day in our wellness oasis! For sweating, cooling off, taking a deep breath and relaxing.

St. Hubertus B&B Großdorf - Wellness im Bregenzerwald - Erholen und neue Energie tanken

St. Hubertus Moments of Good Taste

And Recommendations in the Bregenzerwald

Here, at the St. Hubertus, breakfast is not only the most important, but also the most beautiful meal of the day. Our forest breakfast and cake buffet are guaranteed to leave no wish unfulfilled. On our website you can find a selection of restaurants, hand-picked by us, where you can successfully end a dreamlike day spent in the Bregenzerwald nature. We will then spoil you with breakfast and delicious cakes again the next day

Gourmet moments at the St. Hubertus

Fresh products are delivered daily from local farmers, in order to guarantee the highest quality, as sustainability is as important to us as the seasonality of the products. This guarantees a high level of quality, short transport routes for deliveries and furthermore, it ensures the existence of our local agriculture. For example, the bread that we serve. That is real craftsmanship. The Sutterlüty bakery and confectionery has lived the tradition of baking for four generations and supplies us with fragrant, fresh baked goods each day. The alpine butter and cheese come from Egg and even the coffee hasn't travelled far from Schwarzenberg to reach our machines.